EliteSafe Inc. protects premier individuals and organizations from cybersecurity threats to their personal data and devices.
EliteSafe Inc. is a data and device cybersecurity startup, targeted towards high-profile individuals and groups, especially in the Conservative Movement, Liberty Movement, and Republican Party.
In 2016 the big lesson was the appallingly obvious need for cybersecurity, demonstrated by the failures of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta. Cyber defense will now be a part of why American political and public policy causes succeed or fail; it is now a part of the real landscape.
  • Securing Confidential Information of Donors and Voters

    “The data leak contains a wealth of personal information on roughly 61 percent of the US population. Along with home addresses, birthdates, and phone numbers, the records include advanced sentiment analyses used by political groups to predict where individual voters fall on hot-button issues such as gun ownership, stem cell research, and the right to abortion, as well as suspected religious affiliation and ethnicity.”


    Campaigns and organizations that keep a database of personal information about donors and supporters are a prime target for a hacker with an opposing worldview. Databases are also a target for hackers who want to steal information for identity theft or marketing purposes. Protect your donors and supporters from doxing and harassment. Protect your group’s good reputation. Don’t let attackers corrupt your internal data so you can’t effectively reach your target audiences.

  • Be Selective and Careful with Whom You Trust for Computer Needs

    “Under questioning, experts for both the defense and the government testified that it’s not only possible for files from the internet to land on a computer without the owner’s knowledge, but that it also frequently happens.”


    Campaigns and organizations should be careful who they allow to fix their computers and work on their IT infrastructure. It is common for unknown files to be found on a device or network that the person did not create. An attacker could also plant information that, once found, could result in negative publicity and even legal repercussions. Hire people that share your values to provide your IT and cybersecurity services.

  • Hacktivists and Conference Calls

    “Anonymous reportedly accessed the call because a foreign police official who received the conference call invite forwarded it to a personal account, where it was intercepted by Anonymous.”


    Hackers exploit both cellphones and landlines to listen and record conversations. Attackers can also do this with emails and install malware on a computer to listen to audio with a computer’s microphone and record video with a webcam of a target. Without proper training and cybersecurity tools, confidential calls and emails can be sent to a rival or leaked publicly. This is especially a concern for any group that uses daily or weekly conference calls to disseminate strategy and review results.

  • Ransomware

    “The speed of events in today’s cyberworld means that if your organization lacks a robust patch and vulnerability management process, you are behind the power curve in mitigating risks like WannaCry and NotPetya”


    2017 has seen exponential growth of sophisticated ransomware, malware, and worms that take control and shut down computers and whole networks. Without the right cybersecurity in place, you will lose all of your data that cybercriminals steal until you pay the ransom. But even worse, ideologically motivated hackers will not return your data at all, because they want to damage you permanently, for ideological reasons rather than financial gain.

  • Professional Black Hat Hackers

    “When [Mexican President] Peña Nieto won, [Andres] Sepúlveda began destroying evidence. He drilled holes in flash drives, hard drives, and cell phones, fried their circuits in a microwave, then broke them to shards with a hammer. He shredded documents and flushed them down the toilet and erased servers in Russia and Ukraine rented anonymously with Bitcoins. He was dismantling what he says was a secret history of one of the dirtiest Latin American campaigns in recent memory.”


    Sepúlveda is an example of a professional black hat hacker that an opposing political movement or influential donor with an opposing worldview will hire to influence the outcome of an election. Professional hackers are easy to hire through connections and on the Dark Net (the Internet black market). Sophisticated cybersecurity tools and cybersecurity professionals are required to guard against enemy black hat hackers, whether acting alone or hired by someone else to achieve a political outcome.

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